The Best Damn Nintendo Podcast on the Internet

Jon, Wes and Ryan discuss Daikatana and all the relevant movies and music of July 2000.

Fire Type Quiz!

Jon, Wes and Ryan play the Fire Type Quiz Game

Nintenshow Pro

Jon, Wes and Ryan discuss tons of games, including: Mario Golf, Legend of Mana, Hades, Slay the Spire and Monster Hunter Stories 2. Also, the Switch PrOLED.

Jon, Wes and Ryan look back in time to June 2000. Featuring: Starcraft 64, Kirby 64 and Crystalis. Also, tons of music and a few movies.

Solo July Preview

Jon goes solo to preview the games coming out in July.

2021 E3 Recap

Jon, Wes and Ryan break down all the happenings from E3 2021.

Jon, Wes and Ryan chat about the Switch and Switch games. Also, sports and movies.

It’s a Quiz Show!

Ryan hosts a quiz show

Jon, Wes and Ryan break down the news, chat about new releases and preview the month of June.

Jon, Wes and Ryan break down everything important about May of 2000.

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