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The Lost Episode

File recovered! Jon and Ryan discuss Skyward Sword, No More Heroes 3, Baldo, Far Lone Sails and more!

God‘s Ad Wall

Jon, Wes and Ryan look back in time to August and September 2000.

Nintenshow Direct 9/23/2021

Jon, Wes and Ryan chat about the most recent Nintendo Direct

Audio Essay - Far: Lone Sails

Audio Essay - Far: Lone Sails

Top 15 GameCube Games (again)

Jon and Wes pick their favorite GCN games.

Mr. Publix or Dr. Publix?

Jon, Wes and Ryan discuss the Pokemon Gen 4 remakes and Legends Arceus.

Jon and Wes discuss Baldo and No More Heroes 3

Jon and Wes chat about tons of game they've been playing, including: Mario Golf, Monster Hunter Stories 2, NEO: The World Ends With You, Axiom Verge 2 and Blaster Master Zero 3. Also, Messiah Complex.

Jon breaks down the most recent Indie Direct.

Right into a Bus

Jon, Wes and Ryan break down Pokemon Unite

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