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The Podcast

The Nintenshow is, of course, a Nintendo focused Podcast by Nintendo fans.

But instead of talking about the same boring stuff every other Nintendo podcast talks about, we like to talk about a variety of topics. We structured our episodes to reflect the variety of tastes we have in Nintendo games.

The first episode of every month is a Pokemon focused show. We discuss a plethora of Pokemon topics, including specific runs of a particular game we are playing, including our own Nuzlocke runs, as well as our personal rankings of Pokemon by types.

The second episode of the month is a free-for-all of random games across any platform (usually Nintendo focused). No holds barred. We occasionally even discuss movies or shows that we are streaming as well.

The third episode is a SNES focused show. We tend to discuss games semi-chronologically as they were released 21 years ago (the legal drinking age in the US). For example, Super Mario World came out in August of 1991, so you can find the episode of us discussing that game in August of 2012. Actually, we did that in September 2012... so... shut up.

In the fourth and final, we do a basic template show that many other podcasts follow. We discuss news, new games, give a preview of some upcoming games. We also pepper in some retrospectives on legacy systems.

This is the good stuff, folks. We like games and we like talking about games. We try to stay away from the business side of gaming culture. We don't talk about sales or figures or any of that nonsense. Leave that to the CEO's. Leave games to the gamers.

The Players

Jon - Host of the Nintenshow
First System: NES
Genres of Choice: Platformer, RPG, Adventure
Favorite Franchises: Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Fire Emblem

NNID: Jonnyboy

Wes - Founding Member
First System:
Genres of Choice:
Favorite Franchises

Ryan - 
First System:
Genres of Choice
Favorite Franchises

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